I love horses. They are such beautiful animals with such unique personalities. As much as I love them, it doesn’t even come close to the love my daughter has for them. Just the thought of horses makes her happy. She dreams of a day when she can walk out her back door and see HER horses grazing in a field. Her spare time is spent researching how to care for them, she even trains our golden retriever as if he was a horse…he has now mastered “cantering” on a lunge line and stops when she says “whoa!”

She also loves to ride. Her favorite is bareback because she feels more “connected” to the horse. I watch her ride and can see the joy in her eyes. As a parent, it is the greatest feeling to find that one thing that makes everything right for your child.

I was able to photograph her horse show over the weekend. All the riders were so great to watch, such great talents (both the riders and the horses.) It seemed as though the horses were just as excited to perform as the riders were. These are just a few snapshots from the event.