Studio Tour | New Lenox Photographer

The doors are officially open. After being in business for a few years, I finally have a studio to call my own. The building is located at 117 Church Street in New Lenox. It was the former home of my Mom’s flower shop (The Flower Basket.) She retired in August (yay!!!)  and my studio was born. I really wanted to create a peaceful and relaxing environment where people can feel at home. I hope this is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey.Studio TourStudio TourStudio TourStudio TourStudio TourStudio TourStudio TourStudio TourStudio Tour

A very special thanks to my Mom for all she has given me. For my husband for putting up with me and all my ideas. To Maya and Brody for eduring the long and boring hours getting the studio ready. To Riordan and Murphy contractors for helping out with the paint and trim and so much more. Jessica Thompson for offering up her husband Randy and his many talents (what a huge help.) Eddie Brenzek for all the flooring (twice…I still feel so bad.) Beth Potocsnak for all her support and inspiration. Christie Brenzek for not only creating the most AMAZING quilt, but for being one of my biggest supporters. Massiel Ullsmith for her amazing talents as the addition of That Girl Designs to the studio. Val McGuigan for her mad crochet skills, Cheri Chica for her mad sewing skills. To all my friends, family, and clients for supporting me so much through this journey. And lastly to my Dad, I wish you could be here to see all that I have done in this life. I hope I have made you proud.