a contrast of seasons | bourbonnais family photographer

It has been a long time, a long long time….one of my fellow photographer friends even scolded me.  It was then that I made a promise to her to start blogging more.

I decided to start with a family I met over the summer. I knew the first time I talked to them that this shoot was going to be amazing. They had the perfect family, complete with perfect pets!! I spent the evening running around, playing with the kids, rolling around with the dogs, chatting up a storm. It was a beautiful warm sunny day…it was perfect.

Then we decided they needed a winter shoot, (even though they are from the south and winter is just not their thing.) This time, it was cold! There was over a foot of freshly fallen snow, it was wet and breezy….did I mention it was cold? Instead of rolling in the grass, we stomped through snow and shivered. You know what? It was still perfect…and even if it was just a quick moment of time, it has been forever captured for them to reflect upon and remember the joy and love they share.  I will forever feel honored that they chose me to document these times.