Photography Club at the Barn

By now you probably realize that I LOVE to photograph horses. I will admit, there was a time (not very long ago) that horses scared me. Seriously, really really scared me. Over the years, my daughter has helped me overcome my fear. She also helped me discover my love for photographing these beautiful creatures.

When planning our second official shoot out, it was decided that we should focus on two very special horses. Nooner and Brady are both favorites at the barn, all the kids adore them. Unfortunately, Nooner has been very sick and unable to help the kids learn to ride…but he is always there to charm everyone who walks past his stall. Brady is the old soul that that takes care of anyone learning to ride. Both of these horses are can make a horse lover out of just about anyone.

First up are my pics from the day.

Next up is Debi Wetzel:

Sue McCormack:

Christie Brenzek:

Kathy Ertmoed:

And Candy Pfeifer:

Next up for the club…Intentional blur.